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Below are some of the projects I have done over the last year after discovering in Oct 2004 that I enjoyed using my shop for something other than working on cars and storing the lawn mowers. Hope the ideas, photos and plans help someone else. Most everything on this site is mine, of my design or drawing. The things that are not are so indicated. I claim no copyright to my stuff just ask that you don't use it commercially. If you do I'll come after you only out of jealousy 'cause I can't figure out how to do it myself. If you have a commercial idea contact me.


The photos are linked to individual project pages.
Amature telescope making project Amature Telescope Making (ATM) project. 6" Newtonian Reflector on a dobsonian mount.
My wife says I'm insane when I get an idea to do something and it shows in this project. 4 weeks start to finish (is anything ever really finished??).
Denver astronomy observing chair This is my slightly modified version of the Denver Observing Chair made from the plans I found at the Denver Astronomical Society on their old website at this link.
Aluminum folding astronomy observing chair A folding aluminum observing chair similar to the Denver Observers Chair. I used to work in a sheet metal fab shop so building this one in aluminum instead of wood was a nice break.
Bino astronomy chair Redneck Astronomy Chair (RAC) 1000
If you use binoculars for astronomy you know how important a stable mount and comfort is when out under the stars. Here is my redneck (read cheap) version of a bino chair.
Portable Astronomy Observatory Panels Portable observatory panels made from sched. 40 PVC pipe and inexpensive tarps from Wal-Mart.
Folding table project A very nice folding table project. I copied it from a borrowed table so I didn't have plans but have drawn some and made them along with directions avaible on the project page. I hope it is enough for someone to build their own if they wish.
Childs step stool project My grandson Josh needed a stool for handwashing and helping "Nana" do the dishes. Nana found an old stool I made in 7th grade and was letting him use that but it is too short. Soooo... Nana commission Papa to build a stool.
Adirondack chair project plans After searching for days on the internet for an adirondack chair plan I liked, I happened across the plans for Jake's Chair. What a great chair, a great story of days past and a great job by the man that reproduced this chair from his memory. His plans are detailed detailed enough for the beginner (me), but leave enough to the imagination so that the construction still requires thought and decisions making it interesting to build.
koi pond Pics and details coming soon.