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Tulsa Parks
707 S. Houston Ave. Suite 200
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127-9032
918-596-PARK (7275)

Alfred E. Aaronson Park4807 S. 87 East Ave. 
Adams1627 N. Atlanta Pl. 
Admiral29 N Victor Ave. 
Alsuma Soccer Complex9801 E. 51st St. 
Archer2831 E. Archer St 
Bales5801 S. Union Ave. 
Benedict1630 E. 12th St. 
Benton1167 N. 66th East Ave. 
Berry5002 N. Wheeling Ave. 
Bishop3342 S. 101st East Ave. 
Boeing9311 E. 2nd St. 
Boots Adams6441 S. 76th East Ave. 
Braden Park5036 E. 7th St 
Bullette1001 E. King St 
Carbondale2802 W. 48th St 
Carl C. Smith Park17120 E. 21st St. 
Cathedral Square22 W. 10th St 
Centennial Park & Central Senior Center1028 E. 6th St. 596-1455
Challenger 73909 W. 41st St. 
Chamberlain Park & Community Center4940 N. Frankfort Ave. 591-4155
Cheyenne1622 N. Main St. 
L. C. Clark Park & Clark Theater11440 E. Admiral Pl.669-4655
Clinton3121 E. Queen Pl. 
Council Oak1750 S. Cheyenne Ave. 
Cousins121st St. & S. Yale Ave. 
Cowan10901 E. 19th St. 
Crawford2425 N. Hartford Ave. 
Creek Stickball18th & Cheyenne Ave. 
Creek Turnpike Trail9599 S Lakewood Ave. (along Creek Turnpike) 
Crescent8500 S. 71st East Ave. 
Crutchfield1345 E. Independence St. 
Darlington Park5179 E. 29th St. 
Dawson2035 N. Kingston Pl. 
East Park Tract2909 S. 132nd East Ave. 
Explorer Park7807 E. 58th St. 
Flat Rock Creek1501 E. 36th St. North 
Florence Park1936 S. Gary Ave. 
Franklin Park & Community Center1818 E. Virgin St.596-1460
Garden Center2435 S. Peoria Ave. 
Gary Park1225 S. Gary Pl. 
Gilcrease1400 N. 25th West Ave. 
Gilcrease Museum1400 Gilcrease Museum Road596-2700
Graham6410 S. Yorktown Ave. 
Gunboat North1122 S. Frankfort Ave. 
Gunboat South1230 S. Frankfort Ave. 
Hall Park & Community Center3340 N. Delaware Ave.591-4152
Hawthorne955 E. 33rd St. North 
Heller Park & Heller Theater5328 S. Wheeling Ave.746-5065
Helmerich7301 S. Riverside Dr. 
Henthorne Park & Community Center4825 S. Quaker Ave.746-5053
Hicks Park & Cpmmunity Center3443 S. Mingo Rd.669-6355
Highland Park4909 E. 36th St 
Hill Park & Community Center210 E. Latimer Pl.596-1465
Hilti51st Street & 122nd East Ave. 
Hinch1616 S. 157th East Ave. 
Holiday Hills4111 E. 54th St. 
Howard Park2510 S. Southwest Blvd. 
Hunter Park5804 E. 91st St. 
Jingle Feldman8989 E. Independence St. 
Fred Johnson6002 S. Riverside Dr. 
Hansel Johnson1714 S 123 E. Ave. 
Paul Johnson7433 S. Pittsburg Ave. 
Kendall-Whittier Park2645 E. 5th East Ave. 
Lacy Park & Community Center2134 N. Madison Pl.596-1470
Lakeview3829 N. Columbia Ave. 
R.L. Dean Langenheim Park4701 S. Harvard Ave. 
Lantz4902 E. Independence Ave. 
James C. Leake Park7714 E. 71st St. 
Lloyd2121 E. 29th St. North 
Loving9162 E. Latimer St. 
Lubell2909 W. 56th St. 
Lumpkin2505 W. 66th St. North 
Manion Park & Manion Dramatic Arts3003 E. 56th St.747-9494
Maple Park404 E. 15th St. 
Maxwell Park & Community Center5251 E. Newton St.669-6662
H.O. McClure Park & Community Center7440 E. 7 St.669-6678
McCullough Park11534 E. 25th St. 
Mini Park I2118 E. Ute St. 
Mini Park IIW. 7th St. & S. Denver Ave. 
Minshall7404 S. Kingston Ave. 
Mitchell5949 E. 36th Pl. 
Mohawk5701 E. 36th St. North 
Mohawk Golf Course5323 E. 41st St. North 
H. F. Newblock Park1414 W. Charles Page Blvd. 
Norberg Park3235 S. Garnett Rd. 
North 56th. St. Tract3435 E. 56th St. North 
Norvell722 N. 77th East Ave. 
Owen Park & Community Center560 N. Maybelle St.596-1485
Oxley Nature Center6700 E. Mohawk Blvd. 
Page Belcher Golf Course6666 S. Union 
Patrick5123 E Dawson Rd 
T. A. Penney Park531 S. 49th West Ave. 
Philpott Park1114 W. 37th Pl. 
Plaza Tract Park1404 S. 145th East Ave. 
Plaza of the Americas702 S. Denver Ave. 
Pratt1621 S. Florence Ave 
Quik Trip61st St. & Highway 169 
Redbud Park Natural Area16150 Redbud Drive 
Frank H. Reed Park & Community Center4233 S. Yukon591-4307
Robert J. Riggs Jr. Park9207 E. 101st St. 
Rodden2646 E. 61st St. North 
Rose Dew Park317 S.167th East Ave. 
Schlegel3825 S. 53rd Pl. 
Seminole HillsUte. St. & Quincy Ave. 
Sequoyah3540 E. Newton St. 
Shannon 1 & 210902 E. 39th Pl. 
Skelly Park8525 E. 23rd Pl. 
Springdale Park & Community Center2223 E. Pine St.596-1475
Standard Industries Tract2726 S. 53rd West Ave. 
Stuart1400 N. 25th West Ave. 
Summerglen Plaza Park3607 S. 139th East Ave. 
Swan Lake1573 Swan Dr. 
Terrace2877 S. 77th East Ave. 
Terwilleger5902 W. 10th St. 
Torchia-Oliver10519 S. Delaware Ave. 
Tracy Park1134 S. Peoria Ave. 
Turner Park & Community Center3503 E. 5th Pl. 669-6658
Upper Haikey7500 E. 103rd East Ave. 
Ute4141 E. Virgin St. 
Veteran's Park1875 S. Boulder Ave. 
Vining6502 N. Cincinnati Ave. 
Water Works Art Studio1710 W. Charles Page Blvd.596-2440
West Highlands2626 W. 61st St. 
West Tulsa1002 W. 21st St. 
Wheeling2209 N. Wheeling Ave. 
Whiteside Park & Community Center4009 S. Pittsburg Ave.746-5040
Williams2906 N. Boulder Ave. 
Willow Creek4200 E. 71st St. 
Woodland View8445 E. 58th St. 
Woodland View II58th St. & 86th East Pl. 
Woodward Park2324 S. Rockford Ave. 
Wright Park437 S. 137th East Ave. 
Zeigler Park & Community Center3903 W. Fourth St.596-1480
J.S. Zink Park3216 S. Trenton Ave. 
Tulsa Zoo5701 E. 36th St. North 

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