Norberg Park
Norberg Park Tulsa, Oklahoma
3235 S. Garnett Rd.

Located: Norberg Park is located on the east side of garnett just south of 31st street. Park Features:
  • 17.3 acres
  • Lighted tennis courts
  • .5 mile long lighted walking/jogging trail with foot bridges
  • playground area with a big toy.
  • Backstops for base ball
  • Designated parking area
  • Many trash cans
  • Park benches and picnic tables
  • 1 covered picnic table

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Norberg Park
Designated parking and lighted tennis courts
Norberg Park
Lighted walking/Jogging trail with foot bridges
Norberg Park
Lighted walking/Jogging trail
Norberg Park
1 Covered Picnic Table
Norberg Park
Big Toy.

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